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Fantasy Cricket

Draft and pick the top performing players and game changers , score big in the T20! Out of the 2 teams playing, you can pick 11 players and initiate winning. Place in the best picks to unlock the ultimate prize.

Fantasy Football

Our Fantasy Football App Development services aims to reignite passion for Football leagues. By choosing players amongst forwards, defenders, midfielders to goalkeepers with the given credits. Build a team, compete and win prizes.

Fantasy Kabaddi

Seal the wins on the virtual rectangular ground. By selecting the out-performers, bagging points via the raiders chosen. Dominate the growing fantasy kabaddi sport in Indian Kabaddi Leagues and such events.

Fantasy Basketball

Draft high-performing players on our Fantasy Sports App Development Platform to dominate the NBA season. Your team’s performance will determine your score and earnings. Fetch bigger wins by shortlisting performers.

Fantasy Baseball

Build teams, get  in the vibe and put winning strategies in place throughout the leagues. Take part in the draft and create your roasters on our virtual platform. Win leagues by tapping into this stellar fantasy sports experience.

Fantasy Hockey

Are you ready to pivot your fantasy hockey skills to the next level? Our super-charging platform is the perfect place to do it. Put your skills to show and bag in wins by competing in exciting competitions!


Our Esports App Development services is a game changer for  experiencing captivating online tournaments. With  stellar AR/VR features dive into electrifying competitive gaming and bag wins with captivating experiences.

Appoint our Fantasy Sports App Developers

Looking for proficient Fantasy Sports App Developers? Fetch no more! We have got the perfect team for you.


Our offerings

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Build your Fascinating Fantasy Sports Platform

Count on us- Fantasy Sports App Development Company. Our proficient developers, competitive charges & comparatively quick services is ideal for your Fantasy Sports App.


Troubleshoot & Debug Your Web/App Solutions

Looking for reliable and quick fixes to address scalability dips and performance glitches on your Fantasy Sports App, during peak usage? Procure our technical expertise and revamp your app.

Platform Features

Seamless Scalability

Catapult and amass a large set of crowd without taking a backseat on performance perks and latency loops.

Extended Security

With the robust AWS security mechanisms you can now freely integrate plethora of features and no longer face security tampering and data leak issues

Device Diversity

You can invite PCs, Smartphones and even Tablets users. As our Fantasy Sports App Development Platform is compatible with multi-platform services.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We as a dynamic Fantasy Sports App Development Company offer  popular payment gateways with swift, secured, quicker payment process & checkouts on our platform.

Multiple Payment
Multi-Sport Platform

With passion fueled sports like Football & Cricket to globally emerging ones like Kabaddi, Baseball, Basketball & Esports. Our Fantasy Sports App development is a one stop spot.

Compatible with Devices
Ready to Reach Platform

Wait no longer! Our Application is packed with latest technologies and is ready for you to captivate audiences. Pitch your app now.

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Let’s Collaborate & Whip out something Stellar!

Let’s Collaborate & Whip out something Stellar!


Outstrike Challengers

By availing our real-time fantasy sports data feed feature, you can create or redefine winning strategy tailored to the latest game conditions.

Live Scoring

Our Fantasy Sports Platform, allows to easily select the players and can even switch them via analyzing their scores and performance on real-time basis.

Tip Facilitator

To help with better winning strategies, we have a tip assistance feature integrated on the platform in collaboration with ‘CricTracker’. A trusted partner dedicated to assist you with better decision-making.

Toss Updates & Team Preview

With our tech-rich Fantasy Sports App; there are plethora of new-age features like toss updates and team previews. All this to help you to bag in most wins.

Social Media Pipe-Ins

Our Fantasy Sports Application has socials integrated on to connect with fellow sports enthusiasts across the globe. Connect, play, share the wins collectively and build a bigger community on the platform.

Crypto Payments

To augment secured & seamless transactions we provide a Crypto Payment feature on our Fantasy Sports Platform. It accelerates global participation ease  & Payment Transparency. And,facilitates cross-boundary transactions on app.

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platform dot-pattern

Tech Stack

  • Frontend

    • html5
    • css
    • ios
    • and
    • react
    • redux
  • Backend

    • expression
    • mongoDB
    • redis
    • mysql
    • js
    • docker
    • Kubernetes logo
  • Payment Gateway

    • stripe
    • paypal
    • paytm
    • amazon
    • cashfree


1. How much does it cost to get a Fantasy Sports App Developed?

Developing a fantasy sports application is subjective to the features you choose to add on the app. So, the cost at the core depends on the tech features, fantasy sports app developers you choose and customized options if you choose any. However, at Fansportiz we ace providing Fantasy Sports App development services at competitive prices.

2. Is it safe and secure to invest money in a Fantasy Cricket App?

To have a secured and safe investment, you need to choose a reliable fantasy cricket app like Fansportiz. Who renders robust and extended security over the app and also presents highly secured and preferred payment gateways.

3. Is it legal to play Fantasy Cricket in India?

Well yes. It is absolutely legal to play fantasy cricket in India. The Supreme Court of India has declared the legality of playing fantasy cricket in India to the extent that one can play it for real money and even for free.  However, there are certain restrictions with regards to state gaming laws of Nagaland, Assam, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana prohibit real money fantasy games online.

4. Is Customization on Fantasy Sports App possible?

Absolutely. Customization options are available for the Fantasy Sports App where you can pick and slide any of the features or functionalities on the app. However, customization may vary depending on the magnanimity, technicality and process to be undertaken by the developers.

5. Can I win real money on Fansportiz?

Yes, Fansportiz is a prominent fantasy sports app development company, which hosts legally sound and adhered fantasy sports services.  And, you can win real money prizes according to your game performance.


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