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Fantasy Sports Admin Panel

A central control and commanding facet is dedicated on the Fantasy Cricket mobile apps. A hub of robust features allowing you to monitor, manage & implement game rules to the core for optimum user management & platform scalability.

  • Deposit Offers

  • Detailed Match Analysis

  • Custom Contest Control

  • Regulate Point System

  • Fraud-Free Finance Settings

  • Transaction Maintenance

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Fantasy Fusion Reality Sports Upgrade

A Massive scale up on your Fantasy Cricket mobile App is now possible. Capture millions of cricket fans across the globe just by integrating Real-time streaming Fantasy with our Custom Fantasy Cricket App Development.

  • Extended
    Augmented User Engagement
  • Improved Social Connection
  • Wider Platform Potency
  • Better Participation Pool
  • Access to Seasonal Engagement
  • Accelerated
    Accelerated User Retention

Power-Up the Next Fan Team!

Planning to Plot the Future of Fantasy Cricket? Let’s convert your idea into a cutting edge Fantasy Cricket Website and App Development.

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1. What is a Fantasy Cricket Mobile App?

It is basically a mobile application where the users can create a team virtually of the real cricket players. The users further earn points on the players performance and further win on the bases of the scores earned.

2. Is Fantasy Cricket Legal?

Yes, Fantasy Cricket is legal. The Indian Constitution has declared it to be a game of skills U/A 19 (1)(g). Mainly as the users win by putting their skills, expertise and sports knowledge to use.

3. What are player credits in Fantasy Cricket?

Player Credits as the name suggests is the virtual value attributed to the player. Further, it comes to show in the game when the user creates its team. However, the user has to make sure they are aware of the player credit budget and then decide on picking the players accordingly.

4. Is it possible to edit my team after the match starts?

Fantasy Cricket has fair game rules and regulations that each user has to follow. Also, considering editing the team post the match starts, it is quite not possible as the users are already provided with the options to choose before the match starts on our white label fantasy cricket app.

5. How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Cricket App?

Fantasy cricket mobile app development cost is a subjective matter as the exact cost can be quoted only after deciding on the features you opt for. And, coming to the time taken, it again depends on the team of expert developers and Fantasy Cricket app development company you choose. Because the experience, skill and expertise of the fantasy app developers influences the development time. Or you can directly opt for our  Custom Fantasy Cricket App Development. And, at Fansportiz our app developers expertise guarantees quickest and detailed development services.


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