Well, why you should develop a fantasy cricket app is NOT the question here. Fans all over the world are all set to enjoy a rollercoaster of skills, tactics and spine-tingling moments that sets hearts soaring. Those who cannot experience it in the stadium, witness the epic clashes through fantasy cricket apps. However! undoubtedly, Cricket is the second most popular game on earth with a 2.5 billion fan base at its core. So let me rephrase the question, it’s not “Why you should, How can you?” and we are here to answer that question for you.

According to the recent news, the World Cup will boost India’s Economy by $1.6 Billion. It opens up possibilities for many business prospects. Among those opportunities what we’re going to discuss is: Fantasy Cricket App. Let’s turn your passion into a digital extravaganza. To make it easy we will study Dream 11 as it stands at the forefront of this thrilling journey. It has become the beacon of sports and technology fusion. It has it all packed in a box: Functionality, Robust Security, Scalability, Easy to use interface and Reliability. 

Now it’s time to unlock the arcane secrets of crafting your own Fantasy Cricket App.

How to develop an app like Dream11?

The intensity of playing cricket is now at its peak. The countdown has stopped and the buzz of excitement has flourished with the world cup ongoing. So as the revenue for fantasy sports, which is estimated to grow 30-35%, from INR 2900-3100 Crore. Developing an app like Dream11 is not a piece of cakewalk. For that you need to be aware about the fundamentals and strategies to be followed for developing. So let’s decode the stages that form a crux for Fantasy Cricket App Development.

FYI: You, tap into the shoes of a client and let the process be left to the experts i.e., us.

Preparation/Pre-production Stage

Basically, this stage is a compilation of 

  • Market research
  • Formulating an idea
  • Pitch-teching
  • Documentation 
  • And a budget plan. 

It’s important to pay attention to every aspect as for the success of the project. Before starting the project, the client should undergo a thorough market analysis, observe the competitors, look for the trends and then explicate an idea. Then the client can discuss it with the project manager about the features in terms of both user and admin panel. The project manager explains the game mechanics and the tech-stacks to be used. The budgeting is a crucial aspect which will clarify the financial side of the project. Then comes the documentation-exploring the NDA which ensures the legal contracts are in order. 

Note: Do not skimp the budget planning.

Monetization Method

The monetization strategy divided into four variants: 

  • Entry fees
  • In-app Purchases
  • Advertisements
  • Sponsorships

Now, let us (a squad of expert developers) make it easy for you(the client) to understand with a short story. 

  • Assume your app is ready. 
  • Now, the players who have registered in your app want to play matches. For that, players have to pay entry fees and apps akin Dream 11 take commission for it, distributing the rest among the winners of the contests. 
  • While participating, the players can opt for in-app purchases with premium features like seek expert advice or take boosters which can double their winning chances. 
  • Once a team secures victory, Dream11 advertises or promotes their success through various means like banners and videos to target more audience and draw attention. 
  • Lastly, sponsorship is another way for generating revenue in apps like Dream11. It collaborates with other businesses, brands and sponsors contests, leagues and even integrates promotion within the app itself. Usually, in sponsorship the logo of both businesses is prominently displayed on both the websites. 

Release a demo version

Here, the client receives a prototype or a demo version of the app. The main objective behind releasing a demo version is to ensure the client and his players as well as viewers enjoy the feel and look of Fantasy App. If the idea seems relevant to the clients requirements and it seems to draw more attention from the players, it’s good to go to the next stage. Further, if it still seems not up to the point, the client can ask for developing a completely new prototype without any hassle. This can save resources and can attract a larger audience. 

Production Stage

Design is the face of any project. It’s highly crucial because  imagery is the first thing that people pay attention to. So when it comes to developing a Fantasy Cricket App, it is significant to pay attention to the design segment at its core. However, this stage is super-intuitive and even time-consuming to an unprecedented level. Now, when it comes to coding, it turns out to be a brainstorming part for developers followed by animators and sound effects teams. So, from integrating the features to bringing the detail of the game mechanics in-depth is very obligatory. 

Beta Version

The app is already half above the stages through it. Now, it’s high time to check the performance, run debugging for smooth gameplay. This chunk of work is very crucial as the quality analysts have to check every detail minutely. From the design to music, the tester skims out all the technical glitches, bugs, errors and mishaps. Sometimes it might seem insignificant but it’s essential to draft the corrected ones. As a result the players of the client can enjoy a passion driven game while bagging monetary perks.

Launch/Final Release

The high time for catapulting the players as well as the viewers. Remember to act like a pro and release teasers which would create a craze among the millennials. It’s time for the final launch by deploying the app into the market. Do not step back from collecting the feedback through email marketing, social media platforms, online reviews from the website, customer feedback and so on. Following these steps will help you a lot and forge the players to come back again. After those lengthy stages and tons of efforts, go for the marketing strategy to drive a larger audience and stand out from the crowd.

Is investing in apps like Dream11 a lucrative decision?

Everything comes with risks and challenges. Imagine your app has become the playground for sports fanatics, hungry for competitions and those exciting big-wins. Wait, it’s not a walk in the park – it’s a rollercoaster ride. Indeed investing in such apps with a unique strategy and clear vision, can be a golden opportunity for you to carve out a lucrative niche. 

It’s not only investing in technology but also in sports, competitions and endless prospects. It will be a wise-decision for you to generate a higher ROI, investing in apps like Dream11 when the world cup match is on the horizon.

The Fantasy cricket app development cost varies accordingly. From registration of the player in the user-panel to the dashboard analytics of the admin panel to the functionality, features, platform for development and time, the pricing or the cost of app development fluctuates. The players can enjoy real-time experience of playing without being on the playground. Therefore, endowing investment in such apps can prove you in a fruitful amount.   

Key-features: User-Panel vs Admin Panel

These are key features of developing fantasy cricket apps which are divided in two panels. The more the feature, the more the users you attract. Further, this will be your path toward unlocking unparalleled takeaways.

RegistrationAdmin Login
My ProfileManage Results & points
My WinningsPayment Management
Join Leagues/TournamentsWin History
Select Tournaments/LeaguesDashboard Analytics
Live Group ChatApi Integration for Player Statistics
Social Media SharingManage Coupons & Offers
Live Commentary FeedLevel Management
View Player StatisticsOther Sports Integration

In a nutshell

Cricket: (Athleticism x Strategy).

The craze for cricket never seems to cease. Whether its support from the fans or investment from big brands, the fever for cricket is not going anywhere any time soon. The world of fantasy is here and with that comes the endless possibilities. The hype of cricket is at its full capacity. So the time is ticking and it’s high time for you to get in touch with the fantasy sports app development company. Indeed this can be your ticket to the big leagues.

With billions of fans hopping onto the fantasy cricket trends, the market size of fantasy sports is poised to grow at a CAGR of 13.8% with USD 76.51 billion by the end of 2030. During this period, the user-base is expected to grow quadruple. On the top-notch: your app could be the one available with all niche features.