‘Only thing better than watching football is getting to participate in leagues. Creating a virtual team of NFL players and whipping up real money gains.’

It was once a pipedream to experience a lively, breathtaking football match where Ronaldo or Messi tosses up goals in the air. And, now with the digital grid. It is a cakewalk for the football fanatics to dive into the wondrous realm of Football world is just an app-tap away. 

Fantasy Football Apps are serving as a pleasure and treasure trove for the die-hard football fans across the globe. Additionally, the football heads sum up to be half of the world’s population and are taking up football as a virtual sport on another level. With that the adrenaline rush is 10x real now. The fantasy football app is unlocking thrilling experiences for the fans where they get to make a virtual team, outsmart their rivals and boom bag rewards. 

With 3.5 billion soccer fans and around 9 million active fantasy football application users. The clock’s ticking for you to embark on this epic journey of transporting the football fans to stadium-like football experience through an app you own. And, dominate the fantasy football leagues like never before.

In order, to let your app soar new heights of triumph and sneak in a stadium like football experience through an app. You need to join us through this blog. We will give all the cues on the costs, features and ABCs of developing a stellar Fantasy Football app.

What is a Fantasy Football App?

Fantasy Football is a competition which is set up by the users on an application also known as Fantasy Football Solution. Where on the app the users can create a virtual and imaginary team of real life football players. And, the same players would actually be a part of the team for the upcoming leagues. 

It is an online space where the users make a virtual team and the players who scored the most goals get to earn the highest points on the application. And, here is how the cutting-edge technology comes to show through an app and echoes a stellar real-money win.

Further in simple terms, it is a platform where  users can tap into the competitive spirit. And not just that, they get to have customizable leagues, interact with fellow football fanatics across the world and accelerate their passion. Basically, a stage where the users can tap into the interactive and intuitive platforms through engaging user interfaces and bag in exhilarating real-money prices. 

We need to dig in the Fantasy Football App Development.

How to Develop a Fantasy Football App?

The tech innovation and the digital revolution has unleashed the modern business aspects when it comes to Football through Fantasy Football. And, on the other hand mobile and internet has brought in a platform to ‘CASH-IN YOUR PASSION’. Whereas for you as an investor waiting could mean missing out.

Having discussed the functioning of Fantasy soccer in plain words. You would want to go to the crux of the app, what features should be included. Or how much would it take to get such an app developed. And, to get all of that out of your way, you need to first get along this line-

  1. Pitch in your idea. Well, in order to do that you need to get the mapline for the app clear to further discuss with the app development company.
  2. Wireframing. Now, by wireframing what we mean is you as an app owner need to have a clear vision of the interface and user specifications that you want to hook in the target audience.
  3. Designing. The design of your app is the most significant aspect. The simpler the design the more appealing it is for the users.
  4. Pick a platform. Decide the platforms you would want your app to run in. Cross platform apps i.e iOS, Android will get you more users and single platform might slim down your user-base.
  5. Test Up. So, once you have the above mentioned aspects all figured out, it is time for your app to undergo both technical-expert and user testing phase. This is quite an important step to check in the functionality and debug your app.
  6. Voila. It’s time to go Live, Cashin your Passion- Now is when you build a soccer community virtually, earn while offering play to earn segments.

Earning monetary gains reigns supreme when it comes to Fantasy Football App. But, this is again contingent to the features your app hosts. Let’s unleash the features.

Key Features of a Fantasy Football Software & Application

The suite features for a fantasy soccer app is divided into two segments.

For UsersFor Admin Authorities
Home Screen & User Interface – The user interface and home screen are of prime importance. From easy and fast log-in options like phone number, email or Social media options for easy navigation on the app.Smart Push & Tournament Notification –  It is important and more non-negotiable to keep your users updated on upcoming tournaments or any updates from the organization end. 
API Integration – When it comes to Fantasy football application development, API integration is a no-brainer. It increases the user experience by providing real-time data on leagues like the NFL.Dashboard – Game statistics is a key component for the users and the organizer on the app. And, for the same, a smooth functioning dashboard is non-negotiable.
User Profile & Player Profile – Users usually opt for easy access to their gameplay data. And, on the other hand player analytics is a non-negotiable for the users to have updates on a real-time basis.Revenue Management – The fantasy football app softwares hosts a myriad of revenue based activities along with the football. And, there has to be a proper analysis and management of the same features comes handy.
Create & Join League – A feature on the app that entails free will to the users in creating a league that they opt for and with related personalized options. Besides that, football being a global game the users with this feature can join the leagues as per their preferences. Customer & User Management – The user management protocol on the app allows you to skim down the users. It comes to segregate the active users and the non-active users or even role based users.
Leaderboard & Rewards – Users root for rewards and fantasy football is all about bagging rewards through putting passion on path. Rewards and leaderboard on the app will help the users to be updated on how many points they have earned.Reward Management – Loyalty programs are the key to a great app and a robust user-base. And, the reward management is the key to a streamlined loyalty program which intensifies the rewards for the loyal users. 
Live Scoreboard –  Live score board and even the e-wallets for the users are something that cannot be missed on the app. The users need to have an accurate view on the scores and e-wallet on the app.E-Wallet & Transaction Check – Well, the app should host certain features to analyze the E-wallet and related transactions. This will add up to the reliability factors of your app.

The more feature-rich your app is, the more users you attract. And, the more users you attract the more monetary gains you unlock. Some of the best Fantasy Football Apps who have been successful in bagging prominence across the globe are NFL Fantasy Football, CBS Sports Fantasy, Dream 11, ESPN and Football Yahoo Fantasy. And, the next in this line could be yours.

Besides that, we understand you’d be naturally wondering how much would developing such a fantasy sports app cost?

Well, this is what the next point is all about.

How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Football App?

The cost of developing a fantasy football software and application depends on various factors. From the platform you select to the dashboard and of course needless to mention the features. Besides that there are a myriad of aspects that are taken into consideration when it comes to the cost of the app.

To give you a fair picture on the price. We will give you the factors that are considered by a Fantasy app development company.

To start with the aspects it goes like:

  1. The company and services you choose.
  2. Tech-stack for the app.
  3. Features chosen by you.
  4. Platform that you pick for the app.
  5. The UI/UX for the app.
  6. Designs and dashboard, the more intuitive, interactive and standard picks you go for the costs varies accordingly.

Well, besides that it also depends on the developers you choose for your fantasy soccer app. Additionally, the factors like the experience of the developers, the standard of the company. And even the tech advances are something that decides the variations in the costs. But then again there are industry experts like us who despite having extensive hands-on experience and in-house talent offer cost effective services. In order to get a precise idea on the actual costs, connect with us and get a quote now.

How to Generate Revenue via a Fantasy Football App?

All that you might know is how these fantasy sports apps are advantageous for the users and game fanatics. But, let us tell you, these apps are equally lucrative for investors like you. Be it any of the fantasy sports apps like Fantasy Cricket App Development or Fantasy Football App development, And like both of these are soaring.

Besides all that, we will straightaway take you to the end goal. And, this how getting a fantasy soccer app developed can be highly revenue generating for you.

  1. In-App Purchases These are some of the stellar features that you can host on the app for the users. Now, what this will do is. It will bag in returns for you as an app owner when the in-app purchases are leveraged by your users. So, every time the user makes a purchase you get to earn money.
  2. Merchandising Considering the recent digital trends, online advertisements are on the go. Specifically with apps there are multiple businesses that opt for advertising their product or services on the app for a better reach. So, this is another way you can make the app revenue based.
  3. Entry Fees – Now the apps could either charge entry fees or could offer free entry services. Well this can be a good opportunity to bag commission based revenue.
  4. Referral Commission– Referrals are a new age marketing trend. Well what we mean by this is that it has dual perks for the users and app owners. A win win for both. Referrals a ladder up as it offers the users a chance to gain some off on charges by referring the services to fellow football fanatics. On the other hand the app owners get a piece of the pie as their app fetches more users.
  5. Premium Version – With all the other revenue generating picks offering a premium version and making chargeable is yet another way you get to have some extra cash flow.

With the abovementioned revenue-seeking points, there are a few other aspects that open up cold cashing for fantasy app owners. Levying sponsor fees, indirect revenue and commissioning rewards are some of the best examples for the said aspect.

Why is Fansportiz your best pick to get Fantasy Football Software & App Development?

In such a fast-paced digital space, where every decision counts. Choosing a Fantasy App development company is not something you can have a loose end on. It takes a lot to have winning and unique fantasy football applications developed. Along with that, what is of prime importance is to choose an unparalleled Fantasy sports app development company.

By harnessing the talent troupe and proficient app developers you will have a strategic, scalable and digitally sound fantasy soccer application. On the hand, what else you gain by choosing for app development is state of the art technology at cost-effective prices which will help you stay ahead of competition.

And, coming to setting the camaraderie for the users on the apps, there is nothing that Fansportiz falls short on. As, intuitive dashboards, immersive experiences and 3D-hyper realistic visuals is our forte.

Join us and unravel your very own captivating fantasy football app. Let’s outwit rivals by shooting a groundbreaking Fantasy Football App.

To Wrap Up

Football is an emotion. It drives a global fan base which is surging to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. With millions and billions of soccer fans hopping on the fantasy soccer trends, the user-base is only expected to grow and flourish quadruply. And, your app to be one of those soaring favorites has to have all the captivating and niche specific features. Also with eSports buzzing along, there is a momentous growth expected in this genre.As discussed, make sure you get in touch with the Best Fantasy Sports App Development Company in India.